What is Borgess Care Connection?

When someone is facing a health challenge, sharing and connecting with loved ones can make a profound difference. That’s why we created Borgess Care Connection, a free private Web site for our patients and their families. This Web site allows you to share personal updates, post photos and messages, receive encouragement, join discussion forums, read inspiring stories and health articles, and more.

Setting up your Borgess Care Connection site is fast, and as easy as point and click. All that’s needed is Internet access and a healthy dose of inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? Log onto Borgess Care Connection, and start Connecting, Aspiring, Relating and Embracing today.

Why Should I Have a Site?

At Borgess, we recognize that staying connected is an important part of getting and staying well. Your Borgess Care Connection site is not only free, but also simple and fast (five minutes or less) to create. Through your site, you’ll benefit from support from those you love during your hospital stay and journey toward recovery. Family members may also find using your Web site easier than making and/or receiving multiple phone calls and e-mails.

Can I Create a Site for Someone?

Yes. When you create an account you can either create a site for yourself or on behalf of your loved one.

Can Anyone See My Site?

When you create a site, you can configure the privacy settings to be either a) open to the public, b) open to only those you approve, or c) closed except by your explicit invitation.

How Do I Get Started?

The following information gives you a quick overview of how to set up your Web site. Complete instructions are available during the sign up process.

Step 1—Set up your free Borgess Care Connection account.

Step 2—Create your site and configure your privacy settings.

Step 3—Share your site with family and friends.

How Do I Share My Site With Family and Friends?

After creating an account and setting up your site, login to Borgess Care Connection. Once logged in, click the “Profile” option from your home page. Then click the “Invite” tab. You will be given a special web address with YOUR unique site key. Copy and paste this link into an email to your family and friends. When your family and friends click the unique link, they will be asked to create a Borgess Care Connection account. Once their account is created, they will be taken to your Borgess Care Connection site.

If you need help with this site, please contact us at internetmarketing@borgess.com.